Update your website from any Internet connection

Everything you need is built into your website. From site configuration to editing individual web pages, use simple tools to get the job done. No dashboard to wade through. No software to purchase. Edit each website page in context -- from the page itself. Browsing through your site and see a typo? Simply click edit on the admin bar to launch the article editor and update it right there, right now.

Calendars, Photo Galleries, Forms and more...

Share upcoming events with the calendar module. Display the latest pictures from your event with the photo gallery. Collect information about an event with a form.

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Websites on Any Device

Desktop browsers, Tablets, Smartphones... Today devices are multiplying faster than you can keep up with and they come in a wide variety of screen sizes. Choose one of our responsive templates and impress when your website looks great on every device.

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Power in the code

Every page has a theme that defines its look and feel. Fine tune your site right in the code. Edit code in the template editor and it applies to all pages that use it. Global CSS is your one place to change CSS site wide.


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